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Last 2020 Clayground Foreshore Walk

2020 update: Please note this blog item was posted before COVID-19.  All walks are paused for the time being.

“This is amazing. I never knew you could be so closely in touch with ancient London.”

As part of Clayground Collective’s exploration of clay wherever it occurs, we lead walks on London’s beaches with specialist Thames archaeologist, Mike Webber.

The last of this year’s foreshore walks is now sold out. If you would like to receive information about next year’s walks.  Be sure to register here on the website.  Go to the home page and click on the sign up tab on the right of the screen.  BE SURE TO CLICK ON BLOG POSTS AND NEWSLETTER to make sure you receive notifications.

The River foreshore is littered with ceramics, each one holding clues to the capital’s social, cultural and trading history. Fragments from Roman, medieval, Tudor and later eras are regularly found. London’s 17th and 18th century potteries were an important part of the capital’s early industrial and economic development until competition from the potteries in Stoke-on-Trent sparked their decline.  Many pothouses were located beside the Thames as smooth water transport enabled the import of heavy raw materials and export of fragile wares. Waste from London’s potteries was frequently deposited on the foreshore to stabilise the banks for boat maintenance. Each tide turns up new material.

Clayground’s foreshore walks with a focus on ceramics are very popular. Somewhat specialised they appeal to people of all ages giving an unforgettable new perspective on the city.

Numbers are limited and booking is absolutely essential. The walks cost £26 for adults and £15 for children under 18.  The walks are suitable for all ages above 8 years old. Please note however they are not suitable for anyone who lacks confidence using stairs or walking on uneven ground.

The sessions last about 2.5 hours.  Timings are determined by the tide.  Further detailed instructions and precise meeting point will be sent on booking.

Proceeds above costs go towards Clayground’s creative projects engaging the public in clay and making. Clayground holds a group walk licence and individual licences from the Port of London Authority.