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A selection of the world's clays gathered to date
A selection of the world’s clays gathered to date

Clay diggers and bearers continue to source clay from around the world. Champion clay bearer, Terry Noel, has brought clay from Austria, Norway, Trinidad, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Collected from countries where he and his band, the BT Melodians, travel to play steel pans.

Terry Noel and Cristo Adonis collect clay in Trinidad
Terry Noel and Cristo Adonis collect clay in Arima,  Trinidad

Most recent clay arrivals have been relayed to London by retired medics Bruce and Sarah Noble from a pottery in Marginea, Romania.  The clay was exchanged for a drawing by Bruce of the potter, Corneliu Magopat.

Corneliu Magopat at the wheel. Ceramica Marginea, Romania
Corneliu Magopat at the wheel. Ceramica Marginea, Romania

Owners of Terra-Delft gallery have been inspired by Project Clay to get townspeople digging in another city built on clay with amazing ceramic traditions.  They presented us with Delft clay at the recent Collect exhibition in London.  Builder, Pete Schaming dug clay in Hannacroix Creek, New York State.  This was carried to London and presented to Clayground  by geographer, Barbara Heinzen.

Barbara and Pete Schaming, Hannacroix Creek
Pete Schaming and Barbara Heinzen, Hannacroix Creek, New York State.

Next year, we are hoping to connect with athletes’ families sending representatives to the Games and to encourage them to bring clay to London.  The Economist Intelligence Unit has asked its contacts in many different countries about how to source clay from the less visited countries.