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Clayground/Project Phakama Bursary Award News

In May 2012, Clayground Collective teamed up with International Youth Performance organisation, Project Phakama, to hold an auction to raise funds for a bursary for a Phakama student to study ceramics. Thank you to all those who contributed items and stories to enable a student to study ceramics who otherwise would not have had the chance to do so.

photo 2


The award was made to Cedoux Kadima, a committed visual artist who had not tried ceramics before.  Cedoux has made impressive progress through the year and has now embarked on an Art Foundation course at Morley College.

Auctioneer Régis Gnaly (Centre) and Phakama Colleagues at the auction in Morley College Ceramic Studio

Cedoux Kadima is awarded his Bursary certificate from ceramics tutor and Clayground Co-Director, Duncan Hooson








Cedoux learned basic ceramic skills and made pierced and repeat forms.  His first pieces were exhibited in a group exhibition in Morley Gallery (Left below) and he went on to refine his techniques to complete his end of year piece, Green Holly, (below right).  Cedoux’s inspiration was how things grow and change, sometimes having a direct influence on people’s lives and sometimes not.  This piece expresses Cedoux’s personal experience and his concept of living creatively.

Cedoux Kadima's pieces, Morley Gallery exhibition
Cedoux Kadima’s pieces, Morley Gallery exhibition
Cedoux DSC_2461 (532x800)
Green Holly









We aim to raise funds for another bursary at some point and will let people know when this is in prospect.